Braces appliance in Budapest from £477!

Braces appliance in Budapest from £477!

Thinking of braces? Choose Budapest, if you would like to save money!

The package contains:

  • Discounted price for metal brace appliance in Budapest*
  • Check-ups, activations in London 
  • You can keep the guarantee, besides you continue the treatment with the same dentist

*The fee of bonding in London is £797 per arch, in Budapest it is available from £477!


Braces appliance in Budapest from £477!

Offer description:

Would you like to have braces, but you cannot afford it? Cut off the costs and come to Budapest! This way you can have a discounted orthodontic treatment besides a wonderful holiday in a historical city. The same dentist treats you both in Budapest and London, so you do not have to worry about the guarantee, either!

The offer is valid until withdrawal

Details of the offer:

  • Not to be combined with other special offers
  • Only one treatment per person
  • Prior phone or e-mail booking required
  • General cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply

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