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Teeth implants abroad – in Budapest, Hungary

Forest & Ray is a dental tourism company that has specialized in dental implants abroad since 2007. We operate a dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary. We can offer dental treatment abroad, dental lab work and dental implants abroad at the most competitive prices available. We strive to make sure that our Budapest dental clinic is patient centred, up to date and staffed with only the best, GDC certified, caring healthcare professionals who always maintain a patient-first attitude. They will provide you with a treatment plan that simply cannot be beat, as top quality dental treatments will be paired with an affordable dental treatment abroad.

Our Budapest dental clinic is certified, liable for its work and is a safe and affordable dental holiday destination.  

At Forest and Ray, we can guarantee the following:

  1. We only work with dentists who have been GDC-certified
  2. We will provide you with a flexible treatment plan, which lists all items and procedures separately, and includes a price that you can hold us to: no hidden fees, no nonsense.
  3. Our reception and customer care staff are friendly, multilingual and patient-centred.
  4. Our Budapest prices simply cannot be beaten, without compromising any of the quality
  5. We give guarantees and warranties for all of our dental work, regardless of where the work was performed.
  6. We provide a safe and well-organised dental holiday, complete with accommodation, rides to and from the clinic, and a representative whom you can call at any time if you have a problem or need assistance

Forest and Ray is so much more than just a dental implant center. We arrange dental holidays to Budapest, the worlds number 1 dental holiday destination. If you are looking for quality and accountability at an affordable price, look no further!

Budapest is in the middle of Europe, and it is a wonderful place. Get your beautiful smile in the Hungarian capital for a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay, while visiting one of the most interesting cities in Europe, full of history, culture, nightlife and an eclectic and remarkably unique atmosphere.