Dentist Prices Budapest

We reserve the right to calculate prices based on the complexity of the problem

Consultation Free** from 60 € 60 €
X-ray Package during Consultation
(1 large, 2 small X-rays)
Free** from 115 € 115 €
Large X-ray Free** from 60 € 60 €
Small X-ray Free** from 25 € 25 €
Dental Implants 457 € from 1100 € 643 €
Bone Grafting from 297 € from 570 € 270 €
Sinus Lift from 447 € from 1100 € 643 €
Single Tooth Replacement
Dental Implant 457 € +
Healing Screw 57 € +
Abutment 197 € +
Permanent Crown 327 €
TOTAL = 1038 €
1038 € from 2858 € 1820 €

** Free consultation / X-ray: if you start on the treatments outlined in the treatment plan, we will subtract the consultation fee.

Porcelain Crowns 237 € from 687 € 450 €
Metal free zirconium crown 337 € from 912 € 575 €
Aesthetic Inlay from 237 € from 687 € 450 €
Overdentures from 1797 € from 5027 € 3230 €
Aesthetic Filling from 62 € from 172 € 110 €
Tooth Extraction from 67 € from 172 € 105 €
Root Canal Treatment from 127 € from 517 € 390 €
Hygiene Session from 42 € from 112 € 70 €
Teeth Whitening 190 € from 400 € 180 €

Payment methods:

The first instalment should be paid in cleared funds in Budapest before the first treatment session.

Further instalments should be paid in cleared funds before the subsequent session starts. Our contract will specify the due dates, and we will also send you a reminder invoice.

100 € Deposit for treatment in Budapest: We kindly ask patients to pay a 100 € deposit a minimum of 3 working days before the start of the session in order to confirm the booking. (This will be deducted from the cost of treatment.)

Cash payment in Budapest: The Forest & Ray Dental Practice is pleased to give you 1% discount on all payments made in cash.

Payment by credit card in Budapest: MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted at both of our clinics. When paying by credit card you will be asked to fill out a proof of payment, which will contain your credit card information. There will be a 3% surcharge because of bank charges for processing the transaction. In the case of an Amex credit card there will be a 4% surcharge.

Payment by debit card in Budapest: Major debit cards are accepted at our clinic: Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit and Solo. When paying by debit card there is a 1% surcharge because of bank charges for processing the transaction. In the case of an Amex debit card there will be a 4% surcharge.

Payment by bank transfer: During your treatment in Budapest you can pay by internet as long as payments are received in cleared funds in time for the treatment starting, even in the event of a banking error or delay in transferring funds.

The prices of dental services we are offering in Budapest for dental tourists differ from those offered to local residents for the following reasons:

  • The liability insurance costs for treating our patients coming from other countries are much higher than those of the local residents.
  • Our dentists are required to be registered with Dental Councils in Hungary.
  • These services mean considerable extra costs for our company. This is the reason for our not being able to guarantee the same prices for our dental tourist patients that we are offering to local residents. We appreciate your understanding.
  • The companies offering services for a lower price are not able to provide the extra services guaranteeing the patients’ safety and the continuity of the treatment and care that we are offering.


Our clinic can provide all the high-quality, well-known implant systems available on the market, such as the following: 3i Osseotite Certain-USA, Brenamark (Nobel Biocare-Swe), Replace (Nobel Biocare-Swe), Straumann SLActive Implant system, Camlog, Ankylos (Friadent-Ger), Swiss Pluss, Tapered Screw Vent (Zimmer-USA) 10, Pitt-Easy, Allfit, BioLok, K-G Implant System, and Semados.

Forest and Ray is pleased to offer what few other dental practices do: a payment plan, because your current financial situation should not hinder your right to a healthy and pain free life! This is why we offer our financial plan, and why we believe in dental treatment abroad. We work with CDC certified dentists who can bring you the quality of care you are used to in Western Europe, for the prices we are used to in the East.

Prices are cheaper in Budapest not because of lowered quality standards, but because the same materials cost less in Eastern Europe, and rent and wages are also lower, meaning we can give you treatment for less than a clinic in Western Europe would.  

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.