At Forest & Ray Dental practice, we consider important to provide our patients long-term solution to their dental problems. This is why, we offer guarantee for many treatments.


Treatment Year
Tooth fillings 1 years
Dentures 3 years
Crowns 3 years
Bridges 3 years
Oral surgery (implantation, soft tissue operations) 3 years
Dental implants  10 years *

*Dental implants come with 10 years guarantee from the manufacturer, but the placement is not included. So if the implantation is failed because of the material, the new implant is free, but you the surgical fee is to be paid.

Special situations when assessing the guarantee

Each case is individually evaluated, the amount of the guarantee depends on the patient's

health condition, lifestyle and oral hygiene. For example, a special case is, when the patient is a heavy smoker, not eating properly, suffering from a harmful passion or addiction, or neglecting to maintain the oral hygiene recommended by the dentist.

Regular, half-year check-ups are also essential to validate any guarantee claim.

In the absence of these, or in the case of extreme lifestyle, health status or illness, we reserve the right to invalidate guarantee after consideration.

We do not provide guarantee in the case of the following treatments:

  • Root canal treatments
  • Temporary tooth replacements
  • Hygiene treatments
  • Teeth whitening
  • Bone replacement, Apical resection, Sinus lift