10 Signs That You Have Been To Budapest

1. You have developed a love for sour cream, and now put it on all food items, much to the dismay of your relatives.


2. Everytime you pass a derelict building, you have the urge to sneak inside to make sure that there isn’t a bar in there, somewhere.

3. Of all the red stews in iron cauldrons, you can differentiate Pörkölt, Gulyás and fish soup by smell alone.

4. You order all of your meals with extra bread and a bit of hot sauce, even the pasta.

5. You now believe that soup is a starter, main course, aperitif, dessert and all around comfort food all at the same time.

6. Hard alcohol is now a term reserved only for drinks that are strong enough that you can actually feel them strippnig the enamel off of your teeth.

7. You are the only person in your hometown putting up a fight when a bar tries to close at 2 am.

8. You flinch when you realize that you only have a big bill, and not because you are reluctant to break it, but because of the inevitable backlash against paying with large bills in Budapest corner stores.


9. You miss túró, and the delicious dessert Túró rudi that is made from it. Cottage cheese and quark just aren’t the same.

10. You have a strong inclination to come back, and you will too, as everyone makes their way back eventually.

11. BONUS: You understand that cheese is a smuch of a desert as it is a savoury food.

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