5 Things to Bring With You on Your Dental Holiday

If you are going to have dental treatment abroad, you will be in a foreign country for a few days. In order to make sure that you get the most out of your stay abroad, it is best to prepare for every situation. We have compiled a list of 5 things that you should bring with you if you are going to visit Budapest for dental treatment abroad, but the list is a good idea no matter where you decide to go.


A good book

Chances are, if you are travelling abroad for dental treatment, you are going to get a procedure done that is more serious than a few fillings. Dental implants, bridges, and oral surgery are the main reasons people opt to go abroad to get dental work done, and these procedures usually require a few days of healing time. During these days, you may experience a slight fever, and you may be drowsy from pain medication, so you may be spending a considerable amount of your time indoors. Bring a good book or some crossword puzzles or games that are easy to play with you; perhaps a book you have been meaning to finish for quite some time now, but never got the chance.

Whether the weather

Hungary experiences all kinds of weather, as we have 4 continental seasons, and the summers can be really hot, while the winters can get really cold. Check and see what kind of weather there will be, and prepare accordingly. Getting some air and moving around a bit does help the body regenerate (provided plenty of rest is gotten as well), and having the appropriate clothing will make the experience enjoyable.


Over the counter medication

You can get pretty much any kind of over the counter medication n Hungary, but some people just prefer their favourite brand. While you can bring a certain amount of over the counter medication with you duty free, it is perhaps not worth the bother. Check what the active ingredient in your favourite over the counter meds are, and ask your dentist for the commercial name of the substance in Hungary. While the dentist will prescribe pain medication if the procedure calls for it, you may want to have something lighter with you just in case. Always ask your dentist about possible interactions between medications.

Ice pack

Although you can buy an ice pack in Budapest with ease, you may not want to run around looking for one after you have had dental implants or oral surgery. Ice packs help because they comfort the body and lower the temperature in the region, which helps with healing, they also lower swelling, and dull the nerves in the area, providing pain relief. It is generally a good idea to pop a couple of them in the freezer before your appointment, and when you get back to your place of accommodation, to put them on the affected area and lie down for a bit. Certain procedures will require warmth instead of cold, especially if an infection has been present, and a warm salt pillow does the same things as an ice pack for these kinds of dental woes.

Document holder

When in a foreign country, you should have your documents, particularly your passport on you at all times. This way, if anything happens, you can turn up at the embassy and they will help you sort your situation. A document holder, particularly one that fits easily in a bag or backpack, or goes comfortably around the neck is a very good idea, and can make life a lot easier in case of an emergency.

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