A Hollywood Smile In Budapest

Celebrities visit Budapest all the time, and I am willing to bet that some of your favorite movies have been filmed here. Budapest apparently lends itself super well to any kind of time frame you wanna work with; we have Roman ruins, Medieval castles, buildings form the 20s and 40s, not to mention tons and tons of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy era buildings as well. There is seductive Rococo and great Art Nouveau buildings and decorations, as well as pretty much any type of background you would like, and there are national parks on the outskirts as well. The place is cheap but the look is European, so many movies that are staged in France or Germany are actually shot on location in Budapest, and pretty much all World War 2 movies have been filmed here.

The list truly is staggering. This of course leaves us with plenty of celebrity news, and lots of Hollywood smiles in the Hungarian capital!

Jude Law

jude law

Jude Law has recently been in the news because he got in a fight at a club. Apparently Jude had a little too much to drink and felt king of the world. IN any other city, this may be okay, but in Budapest, people do not like this kind of attitude. He is lucky to have gotten away before having to visit that other very popular reason to go to Budapest; the dentist office. Better luck next time, Jude, and lay off of the Pálinka! Here is the most embarrassing video of Mr. Law.

Eva Longoria

The star of Desperate Housewives was in Budapest for a few days last week. She shopped around and bought some very expensive and very famous Hungarian porcelain from Herend, one of the many porcelain producing towns in this country. Hungary has soil that has a very high percentage of clay and nitrates, making it ideal for porcelain. Why the lady was here is not known, but her tastes in kitchenware are quite phenomenal.

Jason Statham

The famous actor is going to be in Budapest for quite some time, as he is currently filming the new spy movie, Susan Cooper. The movie is going to be taking place entirely in Hungary, and is rumored to be one of the biggest productions in recent years. There are tons of people working on it, and sections of the city are closed to traffic because of the filming efforts.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


The famous couple spend inordinate amounts of time in Budapest, and they even lived here for several years at one point. The coupled lived here during 2010, and left after two years of living here. They rented a marvelous mansion in the XIIth district, and had tents set up in the back for playtime with the kids as well. Unfortunately, their fans and the mass media harassed them so much that they had to leave.

Many reasons, one city

Although these high class guests are always welcome, they are a very small fraction of the population that travels to Hungary. Usually, our guests are more interested in cosmetic dentistry abroad than in renting mansions or filming movies, and with the price of cosmetic dentistry to the rise elsewhere, and relatively stable prices for cosmetic dentistry in Hungary, it is no surprise why. It seems that Hungary is making a name for itself by providing great services, whether in film or cosmetic dentistry, for great prices, and we are quickly being known as a destination for quality but affordable tourism and services.

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