A Quick Bite On The Go

The weather is nasty out, but that is no reason to not enjoy the city, as Budapest offers many things to do on a rainy (or snowy) day. Many museums, art galleries, indoor sports parks and pools, and of course bountiful places to shop are very pleasant to visit in the winter cold. The only question is, what do we eat? With so many options and places to go, sitting down in a fine dining establishment may seem like a waste of time. Okay, but you don’t want to eat McDonalds either, isn’t there something of quality that can just be grabbed and bought quickly? There of course are many options, and here are a few to choose from.


Jack’s Burger

The classic 5 minute street food, the hamburger is done extremely well at this tiny establishment just a few minutes from the Basilica. They specialize in taking one or two foods from each culture and making it really, really well; there are burgers, there is fish and chips, there are grilled sausages, curry wursts, and all are made authentically, with ingredients from the country of origin. You might say they take street food way too seriously. We beg to differ.


Burrita bar

One of the few Mexican establishments in the city, the Burrita bar is also within shouting distance of the Basilica. They have a big variety in a way, but they only have three kinds of food: nacho platters, tacos and burritos. But you can out anything you want in them, with any kind of sauce, and many different varieties of stuff to choose from. Great place for vegetarians!     


Located not far from the Oktogon, amidst mediocre fast food joints galore, is one of the best restaurants in the city, serving Greek street food. Gyros, souvlakis, meat on sticks and poles and in sandwiches of all varieties can be found in this tiny establishment. What makes this place special is their authentic sauces and breads that are sued, which are just like the ones in Greece. Not just tzatziki, but also smoked cheese and carrot spread, olive cream cheese and a host of other delicious foods makes this place a bite of authentic Greek cuisine.

Pita pest

The concept to this particular restaurant is very simple: put it in a pita! Seriously, foods that would otherwise require a nice sit down are stuffed into a thick pita to make them on the go, and the experience is truly fantastic. One of the up and coming posh places, so a little pricey, but still completely in the affordable range. 

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Price: Free

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