Advent’s In Full Swing At Vörösmarty Square

The Christmas market (sorry, Advent market) at Vörösmarty Square is officially open for business! Anyone who has been to Central Europe will know what this means, as all of the cities in this part of the world hold artisan markets with some of the best materials in the world available, with bargains, great food, mulled wine and the real feeling of Christmas! This year, as every year the Vörösmarty square will become a magical Christmas village, full of stalls that will be selling stuff that you have not seen before, if you have never been to a Christmas market.


Vörösmarty Square

This square is historical and located in the very epicentre of Budapest. It is the source of Váci street, which is the main shopping street and the poshest location in all of Budapest. The square is right next to the Danube, and is directly next to Deák square, the transportation hub that connects the entire city. This place is in the heart of the 5th district, and is one of the most beautiful squares in all of Budapest.

Artisans only!

Everything at the advent market is handmade, one of a kind, and mostly produced by the people standing in the shops, or at least the people renting the stalls. It is a rule that only artisans are allowed to display their goods, as this is seen as the prime season for those seeking to make a living from handicrafts to actually make a living. This is their market, and no intrusions are allowed.

What kind of products will be featured?

Many, many kinds. Toys, iron, food, wine, beer, jam, clothes, leather, furriers (yes, made from real animals) wood, stone, decorations, bookbinding, music, musical instruments, sock puppets, funny hats, incense and soap, and pretty much anything else that you could possibly imagine that can be gifted (including socks!) is to be found here. There will be no shortage of stuff to choose from, and you can buy anyone a gift at this market, as special interests and general items will both be available.
The market opens at around 9-10, some stalls opening earlier than others, but usually everyone is open and ready for business by 10 am. The market days usually last until 8 pm, but many artisans stay until 10-11 to get every last drifter, especially as Christmas looms nearer.

What: Advent Market full of artisan crafts and delicious food fair food!
When: 16 November- 28 December
Where: Vörösmarty Square     

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Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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