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The newest innovations in oral surgery and dental implantology usually deal with ways to stabilise the dental implants and to make it more likely to succeed, shorten the healing times needed for dental implants, and to make them more stable for longer.


To achieve this, companies usually try and bring innovations to the dental implant, making the surfaces special and more prone to osseointegration, making the shape more ergonomic and anatomically correct, so that the body has an ever easier time incorporating it into its hard tissue network. An Israeli company had a very different approach, and so far, their efforts seem to really be paying off.


Regenecure membranes

Israel has long been at the forefront of medical innovation and engineering, and this product also seems to hit the mark remarkably. They have developed a membrane that can be used in oral surgery and in dental implantology. It aids the healing time remarkably, and has a network of polymers and enzymes that speed up the regeneration process very significantly. This dental membrane is not based on collagen, and can be absorbed by the body entirely. While it is being absorbed, it will also isolate and protect the area that is underneath it by repelling bacteria and essentially shrink wrapping the area that it is placed upon.

Membranes and bone grafts

Membranes are one aspect of oral surgery that are not usually mentioned, and there is thus a considerable amount of obscurity surrounding them. Membranes are usually used in oral surgery when there needs to be work done that is around the nasal cavity. If a canine tooth goes missing for a long time on the upper jaw, the sinuses expand to fill up the place of the missing tooth root, and the alveolus. The gums and bone tissues in this place will be extremely thin, and so when trying to place a dental implant, you can easily find yourself with a dental implant sticking into your sinus cavity. This is unhealthy, will cause irritation and bleeding of the sinuses, and can cause infections and serious complications as well. When you use a membrane, you are sealing off the sinus cavity, and making sure no such things happen at all. By creating one that can be absorbed and converted into bone tissue by the body, Regencure has started a revolution in how these materials can be used and applied.

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