An Englishman In Budapest

Are you from Britain and visiting Hungary? Are you homesick and looking for a piece of England on the Continent? Do you just want to meet some other fellow Englishmen and maybe have a discussion over a glass of Pim’s? As English culture is one of the leading cultures of the world, and has hegemony over most of the world, it should come as no surprise that the culture of the Isles can be found even in Budapest. Here are a few places to go to meet British expats, enjoy British culture, food and alcohol, and in general ease the burden of homesickness.


Yoga in English

Although it may not seem that way, but exercise is much better in your mother tongue. Yoga in particular, where instruction is so important, and the intricacies of hand and body posture is so incredibly important. Luckily, AUM Yoga Centre has many different kinds of Hatha Yoga available, and have many other kinds of activities, too. You can be trained to be a yoga instructor right here at the Centre, and there are yoga workshops that deal with many different branches of yoga, and they offer the indispensable prenatal yoga courses as well.


John Bull Pub

John Bull has several outposts in Budapest and a few in other parts of the country, and it is pretty much the only chain of pubs that is truly English. They have all of the food, ale and atmosphere that you would accept from any old pub down the lane, but one that you might come to miss greatly if you are spending a length of time in Budapest (the Hungarian versions, although lots of fun, just do not have the same kind of ethos). Aside from an authentic English breakfast, this pub also has sports events broadcasted on a big screen, special offers and happy hours daily, and staff that speak English.


Budapest is a city well known for its thriving cultural life, and the theatre has traditionally been a part of it for centuries. Every once in a while, you get pieces in languages other than Hungarian, and there are some thrilling English renditions of Aristophanes’ Wealth currently being aired. The host is the Atrium theatre, one of the biggest and most centrally located theatres in the city.

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