This Year, the ARC exhibit is celebrating its 15th year, and have a very special, completely free, publicly accessible exhibit entitled „The Hungarian Dream”. I simply cannot wait for this year’s entries, and it is bound to be a very interesting and telling spectacle indeed.

56osok tere

The ARC Exhibit

The concept behind the ARC exhibit is nothing short of brilliant. Using EU allocated funds for the arts, a non-profit organization encourages artists and basically anyone with a creative mindset to design and make a billboard. Each year has a theme to it, and they are always very interesting, thought provoking and not infrequently controversial. Previous years have seen “Messages To Hungarians Abroad”, “What Do You Believe In?”, “Where Are You From?”, “Personal History”, and this years is “The Hungarian Dream: How Would You Improve The World?” The exhibit is always for fee, and is always displayed at the 56osok Tere, the large open space next to the Palace of the Arts on Heroes square. It can be viewed by anyone and everyone, and is always full of surprises.

This year’s exhibit

This year’s theme, “Magyar Álom” or “The Hungarian Dream” asks participants to ask themselves what would they do to make Hungary a better place, what kind of things do they dream of, what would a Hungarian ideal even look like in the 21st century? The exhibit will have a winner, who will get to visit Brussels, but many other companies, non-profit organizations and even Media Markt will be handing out prizes.
The exhibit will start on the 11th of September and will be on display until the 27th of September.  Although the event itself will be free, the organizers are currently not doing well financially, and you can donate to the exhibit at the event itself, or through their Facebook page as well. A little under 2 million forint still needs to be raised to cover all of the costs of the exhibit, so any and all contributions are welcome.

What: 15th annual ARC billboard exhibit

Where: 56osok Tere (next to the Palace Of The Arts)

When: September 11th-27th

Image: 1.

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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