Are instant dental implants right for you?

Instant dental implants are dental implants that have a slightly wider base and have “wings”, meaning they have a mechanism built in that stabilises them. This means that they can be immediately loaded (they are called immediately loaded dental implants as well), and can have a crown and abutment put on them the very same day they are inserted into the mouth.

This sounds very enticing, especially considering the fact that the general implantation treatment time can drag on to even 6 months in certain cases. But there is a drawback: you need to have absolutely flawless jawbones and a high bone density in order to be able to handle getting instant dental implants. Below is a description of why.

Instant dental implants requirements: perfect bone density

Bones need some time in order to recover from the shock of having a titanium screw drilled into them. If you want to immediately use the new dental implants that you just got, you need a particularly strong jawbone, and one that is very dense as well, otherwise hairline fractures may appear in the jawbones, which will lead to dental implant failure.

instant dental implants

Instant dental implants: disqualifying factors

If you have low bone density, or just average bone density, then you should not get instant dental implants. If you have a history of any sort of bone fracture or problem, you should not risk getting instant dental implants either. If your tooth has been missing for a while, and your alveolus has grown thin, or if it has just been gone for a while, you are also not eligible for this kind of tooth replacement, and should instead get a bone graft with a regular dental implant, and wait through the healing time. 
Any and all degenerative bone illnesses, as well as systematic health problems like diabetes, osteoporosis, haemophilia, or any other kind of illness that may contribute to a sudden change in bone density should be regarded as a disqualifying factor.
If you want to find out if you can have this kind of dental implant, talk to a dental implantologist. At our clinic in London and Budapest, we have master dental implantologists that could tell you, after a short consultation session, if this kind of dental implant is worth pursuing.   

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