Beaches in Budapest

Hungary is a land locked country, with several natural lakes and rivers running through it. The capital, Budapest is on the Danube, but sadly this river is too polluted to swim in, and even if it wouldn’t be, it has a very strong current and is unsuitable for swimming. This leaves a city with very few options for swimming, as most of the lakes near it are located just outside the city, or are not swimmable. To remedy this situation, many artificial beaches and outdoor pools have been implemented during the socialist years. These have a culture to them that is fun and relaxing, and also provides much needed relief from the hot and extremely dry Hungarian summer. Here are some of the best “strand”, as they are called in Hungarian, where you can cool off during these hot summer days.


Named after the famous Roman slave revolutionary, this pool is the most popular one by far. It is located on the Margaret island, and cannot be missed as it takes up a good part of it. There are several indoor and even more outdoor pools, slides, pools for children where the water level is low enough so that even babies can enjoy the pool and several deeper pools for adults who wish to swim. The pool is very child friendly, and has a number of fun pools as well. There are also places to eat at the pool and you can also buy sportswear and gear at the poolside.


One of the newest pools is actually a resort. The Aquaworld Budapest is a spa and wellness centre, but has a pool that is open to the public, and can be attended by anyone. This is first and foremost a hotel and resort with its own bus route, and going to the pool just for the day may be a bit expensive. But as a resort it is quite affordable, and very family friendly.



Cheaper than most pools in Budapest, Dagály is one of the oldest pools and features spa quality natural mineral water that comes from the aquifer directly below the pools. Used as a spa even in the Roman times, this pool and spa utilizes the natural mineral waters that are abundant beneath Budapest. Most of the pools have naturally occurring 30-34 Celsius waters that can replenish the skin and can be bottled as well.


Located in the 3rd district in the old Roman settlement, this pool is noteworthy because of all of the fun activities it provides. There are several kinds of twisty slides and bubbling pools, and is definitely one of the favourites among children and teenagers. The Római has just three pools, but all of them are quite large, and one of them is a regular paradise for small children.   

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