A festival held entirely in the street? An open air festival that shows you the best of Budapest? Makeshift venues and squares being turned into podiums and stages for massive concerts? Yes! BelFeszt is a street festival that is held every year by the council of the 5th district of Budapest, which happens to be one of the most posh, liveliest districts. Called the museum district (or the antique store district by snickering youngsters), this is where a lot of the big sights are located, and most of the museums, and even the Parliament. It is a district that overlooks the Danube, has fantastic food options, is super friendly to foreigners (as this is the tourist district), and has tons of squares and open spaces in the streets. The 5th district is the perfect district to be turned into one giant festival that is absolutely free, absolutely fun, and provides an absolutely unique experience.


What to expect

Expect to see a lot of vendors, artisans, street food carts and restaurants with shacks in front of their establishments selling delicious food, tasty wine, and just about everything else. Expect to see antique shops with their gear on the streets, expect great deals because everyone wants to sell as much as possible during a festival.
Also expect Szabadság tér to be turned into a massive, outdoor, free entry concert venue. Irie Maffia, the Budapest reggae band, Belga, a rap trio, and a host of other entertainers will be performing at this event, much to the delight of thousands in the crowd.
Erzsébet tér, the very beating heart of the city, will also be transformed into a stage, and shows will be held here as well. The Aquarium, the biggest bar located in the very centre of Budapest, will be hosting many of these events. There will be kid’s corners and family friendly activities scattered all throughout the district, so no matter how you are visiting, be sure to visit the 5th district!


A massive, free, 3 day open air street festival to celebrate the first few days of summer, and to kick off the festival season.
Everywhere in the 5th district, but especially at Erzsébet tér and Szabadság tér.
June 5th-7th.
The weather is bound to be beautiful, the crowd will be fun, and the events entertaining, so if you are in Budapest between the 5th and 7th of June, make your over to the 5th district, and not just for the Museums and sights (although these will have surprises up their sleeves for this particular event), but also to take in the streets and the rich festival atmosphere BelFeszt has to offer.   

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Price: Free

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