BioLok, revolutionizing tradition

Not content with a mere 25 patents, the R&D division of BioLok, OrthoGen, has developed the first nanotechnological bone grafting material approved for clinical use in the USA. NanoGen improves over traditional calcium sulfate grafting materials by refining absorbtion rates and stimulating new growth, ensuring even, consistent development of new bone. With one eye on implantology, BioLok looks set to enhance the functionality and long term satisfaction of their professionally trusted line of dental implants.


BioLok, manufacturer of the BioLok Precision Dental Implant Systems, Lok-Screw, and Laser-Lok, continues to receive accolades for superior stability while remaining among the most minimally invasive brands available on the market today. Long the gold standard in quality and reliability, BioLok seems unafraid to embrace new technology; so refreshing when tradition refrains from stagnation.

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Special dental offer for those who decide to travel and would like to stay in Budapest!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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