Budapest Palace District

While you are healing from a dental implant in Budapest, you will have plenty of time to get out and look at the city. Only short walks are recommended, but you will grow tired of your room and your accommodations, so why not hit the thousand year old Hungarian capital and take a look at some of the marvellous architecture in Budapest? The palace district is one of the hidden beauties of this city, and will bring the era of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to life.

Buda Castle
Buda Castle


The palace district

Relax and enjoy your healing time by taking a stroll in the Palace district of Budapest! Located in the inner city, right where the 7th district joins the 8th, near the National Museum, this row of palaces and their surrounding neighbourhood were first built in the late 1700s, but the great flood of 1838 destroyed everything. The rebuilding efforts started immediately, but had to wait until the intense Budapest architectural renaissance that started in 1867 and lasted until the First World War. Here are some of the palaces you may see if you stroll down the street in the Palace district.

The Festetics Palace

The Festetics family has lots of holdings and lots of palaces throughout Hungary and the neighbouring countries, and are remembered through their palaces. The one in the 8th district is now a German language University and a monument. The place can be rented for events and is simply beautiful. The palace is located at Pollack Mihály tér 3.

The Wenckheim Palace

When looking at these buildings, it is hard to believe that people actually used to live in them. The Wenckheim palace is now home to one of the largest public libraries in Budapest, but it used to be the Budapest dwellings of the Wenckheim family, just one of their many houses. In 1927, after the death of Baron Wenckheim, the family donated it to the city of Budapest, and it has served as a library in various forms ever since then. It is located at Szabó Ervin tér 1, right near Kálvin tér.

Károlyi kert

Named after Baron Károlyi, an important Habsburg noble, this courtyard with the beautiful building attached to it is nothing short of a hidden treasure of the city. Located next to the Eötvös Law School, there is a fancy restaurant and a smallish gallery cum museum attached to the building, and the courtyard is famous for its chestnut trees, which are indeed formidable and can cause quite a bit of difficulty with parking in the autumn.

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