Budapest Spring Festival 2014

Budapest is known for it lovely markets. This city usually wins the best marketplace of the year award every year, our central marketplace is a world heritage site, and the Christmas market in Budapest is one of the best in the world. Thus it should come as no surprise that the Budapest Spring Festival is a marketplace much like the christmas fare, and is one of the best things to see in this time in Budapest if you are here for a dental visit.

budapest spring

The spring market

The entrance to any of these events is free of charge, just like the Christmas market. However, once inside, you may want to watch your wallet and not get too carried away, as the things you will see in the stalls are absolutely to die for. Handmade crafts and delicious Hungarian fare foods, as well as live music will be there, and a small hut where you can leave the kids, and they can learn some crafts and trades, or just spend time coloring flowers and other motifs as well. The music is going to be predominantly Hungarian folk music, with some pop as well thrown in for good measure, and during the days there will be plenty of kids music and childrens favorites on stage to keep the little ones entertained, while the parents can slip out and buy some of the best wrought things on God’s green earth.


Other events

This festival will not be confined to just one space, either. There will be plenty of festivities elsewhere as well, all over the city. The Budapest philharmonic orchestra is going to be giving shows all over the city in every major church in the city. There will also be a fashion show as well called the “Metamorphosis of Love”, which at the Butterfly on Erzsébet square.

There will be several prominent Jazz gigs also hosted under the name of the Budapest Spring Festival, as well as many craft workshops, folk music events and dance houses, as well as electronic music in the form of some very light house music.


There going to be about 30 different venues that are somehow linked to this festival, and that will be hosting events linked to the festival. The festival has already begun, and will be going all through the lenten period, right up until Easter. To see a full list of the events and the places that will be hosting them, check here:

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