Budapest- The Top Location For Dental Tourism

According to a relatively recent statistic, Budapest is officially the number one destination for British citizens seeking dental care abroad. Although the statistics are from 2009, the general trends have increased, and not depleted, Budapest’s popularity as a dental tourism location. The statistics are not out yet for the nearly four years following this time period, but business has been booming. To find out why so many UK residents choose this particular city, let us take a look at what Budapest has to offer by way of dental tourism.


Hungarian doctors

Hungary has some of the best medical schools in the world, and many future dentists and even physicians come to Budapest to study at one of the famous medical schools there. This is why Hungarian doctors have become world famous, and are in high demand. Thus it makes sense that in this age of global interconnectedness, many people will try and find cheap medical treatment in the land that produces such outstanding medical professionals.

Quality Of Care

While prices are significantly lower in Hungary than in the West, the quality of care is similar, or sometimes even higher. This is certainly the case with dentistry, as the high international standards set by Western countries are observed as a matter of necessity by Hungarian doctors who increasingly are trying to become available on an international market. These doctors often work or have worked abroad, and understand the quality of care that is demanded by guests from a Western country. This is why a private clinic in Hungary will have such a high standard of care, and why the equipment and staff will be rigorously held to international standards.


Frequently voted as one of the most beautiful European cities, Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and one of the best kept secrets of Central Europe. It is extremely pleasant to be in, and there are many post operative options that make this city particularly attractive to those who are healing from surgery. One such thing is the many spas where you can relax and forget about your dental ordeals. The healing waters in one of Budapest’s many spas also help in getting over your post operative troubles, as the high mineral content and lukewarm temperature in the waters will aid in the healing process, and the warm, relaxing nature of the spa will help you relax, giving your body’s immune system a chance to heal and repair itself.
Other Hungarian cities, besides Budapest also provide dental tourism, with Szeged and Debrecen being prime examples, but as of yet, they are lacking the many years of experience, the great location of Budapest, as well as the infrastructure necessary to handle any given patient, with any needs whatsoever. Perhaps time will change this, as more revenue is generated by dental tourism. Here’s to hoping!   
With all of these factors in play, it is no surprise that Hungary, and in particular Budapest, is the number one dental tourism destination in the world!     


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