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Dental treatment abroad has become a staple in many Western European countries, where there is essentially no affordable dental care. Meanwhile, in many countries like Hungary the dental clinics have started to rely more and more on dental tourism, meaning better quality of care, great deals and a patient friendly atmosphere.

Hungary has some of the best trained dentists in the world, and they can offer services for much cheaper than dentists in Western Europe without sacrificing the quality of dental care, which is why Budapest, Hungary’s capital is the major dental tourism hub in Europe. Hungarian dental prices are often just a fraction of what patients are expected to pay in Britain, and all of the medical advances are made simultaneously in all of Europe, so the same quality of care and materials can be expected. The same dental implants abroad cost much less, because the price of services and materials is much lower in Hungary.

Dental Treatment Abroad

Cheap dental implants abroad

Health plans and Insurance companies often only provide coverage for the most elementary dental packages, including only such basic dental procedures as fillings or extractions, and do not offer any compensation for procedures that may improve the quality of a patient’s life, even if it is necessary to preserve oral health, like dental implants, crowns or sometimes even root canals can be. Many places, like Britain have nationalised healthcare (the NHS), but the queue is too long, and the services can sometimes be subpar, and only some dental treatments are covered. But with the advent of cheap dental implants and affordable dental care abroad, you can go to Budapest dental practice and get high quality service, premium dental care for much less than at a private dental clinic in London.   

Like anything in this world, dental tourism also has some downsides. Time needs to be taken off of work, and many times patients would rather spend scarce vacation days with family and friends, than at an affordable dental clinic abroad in Budapest. There is also the issue of the dentist living far away, and so the patient cannot just pop on by for a check-up. We at Forest and Ray have resolved this issue by operating an affordable dental practice in London and Budapest, giving our patients the option of aftercare and check-ups by in London by the same dentists who performed the dental treatment abroad in Budapest. We are also happy to help with travel and accommodations, and can handle all of it for you, including finding and booking the cheapest flight, and getting accommodations near the dental clinic in Budapest, so the inconvenience of online flight bookings and browsing for accommodations are no longer a part of the downsides if you choose Forest and Ray dental practice.

Affordable dental care in Hungary

Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and dental crowns are very rarely covered by health plans, and were typically excluded from the realm of possibilities when considering dental treatment abroad. With Forest and Ray operating dental clinics in both Budapest and London, these procedures can also be had for much less. Medical tourism is gaining in momentum and is developing at an incredible rate, with more and more tourist agencies, dentists and dental companies recognising the true potential behind this extraordinary new branch of tourism. Dental surgery and periodontology are also fields which are rapidly developing, as highly trained dentists abroad are able to compete and even sometimes outdo the domestic ones. So we can expect to hear more and more of dentists, dental companies and tourist agencies offering health coverage in a distant land, and with the rise of this new and fascinating branch of medical tourism, we can expect some very interesting cultural exchanges as well.       

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