Cost Analysis For A London-Budapest Dental Visit

Once patients know about and are comfortable with the idea of going abroad for dental treatment, one of the first questions that comes to mind is at what point the price will turn around, meaning when do the savings actually begin. There are a lot of not so hidden costs with getting dental treatment abroad, like accommodations, airfare, and possibly transportation fees, not to mention cost of food and while you are there, the cost of living should also be considered. Here is a rough guide to when the procedure starts paying for itself.

cost analysis

What to consider

- Accommodations:

Usually, a treatment that is worth it will take more than one day to perform. Even if it is something as simple as a root canal or an extraction, you are considered no fly for 72 hours, meaning you will have three days after the procedure is complete to spend in Budapest. Usually it is worth it to arrive a day or two before hand as well, so that you can get accustomed to your room and eliminate any and all irritating factors if there might be any, and perhaps do a bit of shopping before the procedure is done. Depending on what kind of dental work you are getting, you may find that you are quite incapacitated for a day or two, and rest is the best medicine after any procedure,particularly any type of oral surgery,like dental implants or extractions or gum grafts.

- Airfare and travel costs:

The sooner you book a ticket, the cheaper it will be. Once you know what date you have to show up on, it is advisable to book the ticket that very same day to make sure you are getting the lowest price. Airlines tend to jack up the prices of seats on flights that are already nearing being fully booked. Travel costs may include cab fare, or if you plan on leaving Budapest to go and see some of the surrounding small towns (and it is very much advised that you do), train fare and the like should also be considered. Make a route to and from your accommodation and the clinic with Google Maps, and calculate how much the cost will be to get from there to home.

- Food and cost of living:

You will definitely need to eat while you are in Budapest. The food is cheap and there is all kinds of it, Budapest being a fairly metropolitan city. You may not want to cook while you are recovering from oral surgery…..

The bottom line

Given the price for private dental clinics in London, and the usual costs of airfare and accommodations, a dental procedure abroad starts saving you money at around three thousand pounds. Between three thousand and four thousand pounds is when the procedure starts to pay for itself, essentially.

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