Dental Holidays in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and is known for its excellent cuisine, ancient artefacts and beautiful architecture, along with great and inexpensive medical professionals. Small wonder that, in a world of cheap air fare and outrageous medical bills for any kind of private medical intervention (especially dentistry), dental holidays have become one of the most important industries in this small Central European country.

dental holiday
Dental holiday in Budapest

What is a dental holiday?

A dental holiday is the term used to describe the act of visiting a place for a vacation to get your teeth done. The most popular dental holiday destination is Budapest, by far. People from all over the world, but most especially Western Europe come to Budapest for inexpensive, but premium quality dental care. Home to some of the best medical schools in the world, including prestigious dental colleges, this is the perfect location for dental holidays. The city of Budapest has many attractive sites to see and things to do, but is also extremely inexpensive by world standards. Private dental prices are super cheap, many times just a fraction of what they would cost in the UK or Germany, France or Switzerland, but the quality of the care is just as good and often even higher than in the aforementioned countries.

How does a dental holiday happen?

Call us and book an appointment to see a dentist in Budapest. We will give you the information of a London based dental practice which can book your dental holiday. You will receive a consultation session in London. After discussing what needs to be done and how much it will cost, and how much you will save, it is time to book a flight. Once that is done, we can help you book accommodations and provide taxi service to and from the airport, the clinic and your place of residence while on your dental holiday. After that, the dentist will see you in our private clinic in the heart of Budapest, and you will receive treatment. You will be asked to stay a few days extra to make sure you are healing properly and that nothing is wrong, and then you will go back. Check-ups will be available in London.

Before deciding on a dental holiday, calculate!

It is important to note that only procedures above a certain amount of money are worth the travel. Please make sure you calculate the price of airfare and accommodations to your budget to get the final price. But even with these in mind, procedures like dental implants, oral surgery, and certain extensive aesthetic dental procedures are well worth a dental holiday in Budapest.     
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