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  • Dental Implants Abroad Don’t Have To Be Complicated

Dental Implants Abroad Don’t Have To Be Complicated

To be sure, the cost is the driving factor behind getting dental implants abroad—especially in Budapest—the “Paris of the East.” The main reason why so many people are getting dental treatment at Forest & Ray- Budapest is that patients can save thousands on the dental implants abroad if they need several teeth done. Even when the costs of lodging and airfare are factored in, you’ll still come out ahead. The reason it is so cost- effective isn’t that the standard of treatment is lower.

dental impants abroad
dental impants abroad

Why Is It Cheaper?

On the contrary, the experienced dental professionals at Forest & Ray- Budapest use state of the art equipment and materials to complement the expert technique of our dentists. If anything, the quality of service and care provided by us exceeds UK standards. Actually, dental tourism prices hinge more on the cost of living in each country. Because property prices and wages are lower, we don’t have such high overheads and thus can offer our services for less. In fact, many foreign patients comment that our facilities in Budapest and the dental experience are more pleasant in Budapest.

dental impants abroad
dental impants abroad

What to Know

Dental implants themselves are not all that complicated. The implant itself is a metal screw that can function as an artificial tooth root. There is a healing period of several months following the screw’s insertion before the denture can be placed. Still, you should be aware of some factors which may make for fewer complications and fewer surprises when you get your implants.

  • Infection - infections can not only occur after implantation but can also occur years after. While this is not uncommon, practicing good daily oral hygiene will reduce the chances of infection.
  • The Jawbone - each person’s jawbone density is different. We perform full panoramic X-rays and CT scan if necessary to determine how receptive your jawbone will be to the implant(s). If the jawbone isn’t stable enough, the implant will loosen and complications could ensue. We have successfully performed bone-grafting in cases where, initially, the jawbone was unstable.
  • Hypersensitivity - In general, implants are successful in more than 95% of the cases. But occasionally, because the screws are metal, sensitivity in the jawbone or gums may cause the implant to come out. We can usually determine ahead of time if this could be a problem.
  • Other Potential Problems - some other things we try to prevent from occurring with a thorough examination, panoramic X-ray or CT scan are potential problems with neighbouring teeth and/or loosening of the teeth due to overloading. Ask us about these possible outcomes during the consultation and we will put your fears to rest.

We do everything to ensure a successful dental implant experience. And, It should be noted here that, usually dental implantation is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Moreover, these possible complications could occur whether you are getting dental implants at home or abroad. Since our clinic at Forest & Ray –Budapest is state of the art and our dental professionals are expert at what they do, doesn’t it make sense to save a bundle and have the procedure done here in Hungary?

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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