Dental implants or denture?

The problem of tooth loss will eventually lead to a condition in which not a lot of teeth are left. At this time there are two options for the discerning patient: either get dentures or get dental implants. While dentures do provide a solution to functional problems, there are not any dentures to provide a systematic solution to your other problems, merely a way to deal with them. That being said there are pros and cons for dental implants and for dentures, too. Below, will be focusing on the pros of each one, and try to measure them up to each other.

Dental implants

Medically speaking, the only real option is to get dental implants. These are artificial tooth roots that bring new life to your alveolus. The alveolus is a ridge of soft bone material that houses the tooth roots, but once there are no more tooth roots in the alveolus, it will start to disintegrate, thus the remaining teeth will also be compromised, too. The only way to heal this situation is to use dental implants, and dental crowns that go on top of them. Dental implants are also less hassle; once they are in, they are in, and every 15-20 years, or depending on your lifestyle, you may need to get some dental crowns replaced.implant


Dentures are definitely the more fiscally responsible option, as they cost a fraction of what dental implants cost. Although they only solve the functional issues of tooth loss, and not the causes, dentures do have certain benefits besides their price, namely, there is no invasive surgery associated with getting them. Anybody, with any medical condition can get dentures, and they are much more readily available than dental implants. Although dentures are more hassle, the things that need to be fixed on them are usually just minor adjustments that are inexpensive and very easy to do, and are usually done at the same appointment, or perhaps a few days later. So while cheaper but more finicky, dentures are good for those times when you can’t get dental implants, or cannot have surgery.

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