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  • Dental implants: the best solution for tooth replacements

Dental implants: the best solution for tooth replacements

The cost of dental implants is very frequently a deterrent for many patients who are thinking of getting permanent tooth replacements. The thing is, dental implants are actually the only form of true tooth replacement that not only replaces every anatomical aspect of the tooth stops tooth loss, and is the longest lasting and most durable form of tooth replacement known to man. They are the most effective, the most aesthetically pleasing, and in the long run, the most cost effective method of tooth replacement. Here is a breakdown of all three of these claims!

A complete dental implant

The only anatomically complete tooth replacement option

Dental implants are the only kind of tooth replacement option that fully replace all parts of the teeth, and as such are the only tooth replacement option that can stop tooth loss as a condition from getting worse. The alveolar ridge is a soft bone ridge that holds teeth in place, and when there is no tooth in a given pocket of the alveolus, it disintegrates and is reabsorbed by the body, further weakening the stability of the teeth next to the tooth gap. The dental implant is basically an artificial tooth root, acting as a substitute for the missing tooth root, and thus stimulating the alveolus, and stopping further teeth from becoming mobile and falling out.

implant denture
Dental implants to replace an entire row of teeth


The most aesthetic tooth replacement

Getting crowns and bridges is okay, and will restore your smile, and there will be no tooth gaps to ruin the radiance of your smile. But your cheeks will eventually start to have that sunken look, as the missing tooth will cause the alveolus to disintegrate, and this will make the entire region thinner and less dense. This will cause your face to look older and more haggard. With a dental implant, the same bone density can be maintained, and the cheeks will not sink in, and you will look your best.

The most cost effective

Dental implants are the most expensive tooth replacement option for sure, but in the long run, they are also the most cost effective, which is a bit of a paradox. Dental implants require less adjustment and tinkering than just plain dentures or bridges, as these will need to be refitted as conditions in your mouth change. With dental implants, the crown is screwed into your jawbone, and will not change if properly taken care of. They are also super durable, and will not need to be constantly upgraded and changed, as dentures will, which means less trips to the dentist, and more money in your wallet.

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