Dental Tourism Statistics

There is a lot of hullabaloo about dental tourism,and about receiving dental treatment abroad. This is natural,a s it is a relatively new industry, so people still have hang ups and do not understand really how getting dental treatment in a foreign country really works. What cannot be denied though is the success of the industry, an industry that would not have this success if it were not for satisfied patients and good reviews. This industry does tend to become more well known through being given good reviews, and not through anything else. After all, you would only go to a doctor whom you have heard of was good, right?



The success of the industry is shown in easy to understand statistics. So here are a few:

- Last year, over 67 000 UK residents travelled abroad explicitly for dental tourism.

- The most visited place (47% of patients) was Hungary, as it is every year.  

- On average the cost of dental treatments is somewhere between 50-70% cheaper in Hungary than it is in the UK.

- Most patients got either dental implants or oral surgery (43%). Rarer but still existent is the purchase of prostheses like crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. Rarer still were cosmetic procedures, these were very rarely used at all.


Although the industry is growing, it is very hard to find statistics. These are mostly projected statistics from the 2009 study that was about the most comprehensive series of interviews and research done in the field of dental tourism to date. Getting exact information is difficult, as most of the procedures done are done in private, and thus the recipients and the dentists do not have to give information, so they simply do not. Bummer.

But the stats used here are projections, and are based on some of the income evaluations that the tax office of Hungary was so kind to divulge.     


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