Dentures Abroad

Among the most sought after procedures that people seek when traveling abroad for dental treatment is the installation, repair and in general purchasing of dental prostheses. This is usually restricted to the use and repair of crowns and bridges, and fairly few people are interested in repairing their dentures abroad. This is partially due to the fact that folks with dentures tend to do less travelling, but also because of ignorance of the fact that their dentures can be maintained or even repaired or upgraded for far less abroad then the same thing would cost at home.


Getting Dentures Abroad

If you plan on getting dentures abroad, you should first and foremost get a quote. If the savings are substantial enough, the next step is to organize a vacation around the dental appointment. This is wise because the time you will need to be in the country is going to be at least a week. First the doctor will need to see you, and take measurements of your mouth and have a consultation session. After this is done, and you have agreed upon a price and the materials that are going to make up the denture, you will need to wait about 5 days. This is how long it takes to make the crowns that make up the dentures, and to make the resin or metal base for the denture. If you are getting specialty dentures made, like ones with a click bar, or ones that need special materials, the procurement of the materials may also make the wait significantly longer, depending on the availability of the specific materials in the country you are traveling to. You should ask how long you will be staying before you go, but expect around one week.

Getting Denture Repairs

If you need to get a denture repaired, you may find that you need to stay for the same amount of time that you would be staying for if you get a new denture altogether. This of course depends largely on what sort of corrections you are getting made to your dentures. If you just need to adjust a bite plate or shorten something, or possibly extend something, you will most likely be done within 2 days time. But if you need to get new crowns or repairs made to the base, you may find yourself needing to stay up to 5 or 6 days altogether. You should consult with a dentist and see how long it takes for the technical work to be done, and then plan your trip accordingly.      

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