Filing A Lawsuit

Many people stay away from the idea of medical tourism because of ill conceived notions, and they usually do not even bother to fact check to make sure that what they assume is real or not. One of the most common assumptions is that you will have to wing it, and you have no legal back up what so ever when getting the procedure.


Assuming that

Making assumptions like this without checking if this is viable or not is ridiculous, and the fear of not being covered legally should not hold you back from seeking out more affordable medical treatment. This is a myth. While places exist that try and rip you off, these can be easily spotted, if you know what you are looking for.

What to look for

Make sure that the dentist you are about to see is real, and can be found. If they can be found, that means they can be held liable for the work they perform, and thus, can be sued if they endanger your life or neglect their patients. Look for places that are certified by some international company or firm. This means that the clinic can be found through the institution that vouches for them, and the lawsuit can be negotiated through the institution. Usually, the firm or institution that gave you the clinic will be happy to pay for your problems and get them fixed, and usually it is them that will handle the lawsuit, as working with a clinic that left them with a lawsuit is bad business practice, and their vested interests lie with you, and not with the clinic.

Know the name and credentials of the dentist who will be seeing you, this is of utmost importance, as this is how you will be able to find them in the future. If they do not want to give it, there is something afoot, and you should not get treatment from them. Make sure there is paperwork to sign, and sign it. This way there will be written proof that you were at a certain clinic seeing a certain doctor at a certain time, and this will be evidence in court that you did actually undergo treatment.


Get insurance if you can, but even if you cannot, you can still go to a foreign country and get perfectly legal dental treatment from a person who is liable and can be held accountable for the work that they perform. Make sure you have your bases covered if you feel that you may need to file a lawsuit later on, and then go on ahead and book an appointment to see a doctor in a foreign country. The best bet is to go through a respected agency like Forest and Ray, who are reliable, can be seen and contacted at your discretion, can be held accountable, and always do all of their business legally and with plenty of paperwork.

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