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Going abroad for dental treatment is a decision that involves a lot of trust. The most important thing is to find a dentist abroad who you can communicate with, is a good professional, can provide the specific treatment you need, and who has a clinic that you can imagine going to. In every country there are different things to look for, and I just want to give some tips for finding the right dentist in Hungary, the most popular destination for those looking to get dental treatment overseas.


What To Look for In A Dentist?

This is a little bit of a tricky subject, as everyone has different ideas of what they want from their dentist. The aspects that I believe are important are the professional accreditation of the dentist and his chairside manner. I would say that the first is more important than the second. After all, just because a dentist is rude or blunt does not mean that they cannot perform their task with care and precision. It does reflect negatively on the dentist if his chairside manner is bad, and it can make the entire experience of getting dental treatment rather unpleasant, but if the dental work itself is flawless, then perhaps it is easier to accept the experience once. To build a regular rapport with a dentist though can only be done if you find the chairside manner agreeable, but for a single treatment, perhaps it is not as important.
It is also impossible to guess the chairside manner from just an e-mail or a short verbal conversation. After all, one can put on a nice face for a short period of time. However, the medical accreditation can be checked. When communicating with the health care provider, travel office or the dentist directly, ask to see the dentist’s accreditations. Do not go to a dentist if you do not know what governing bodies he answers to, and where he gets his indemnity insurance form; in other words, without knowing who you can hold responsible if anything goes wrong. If the doctor is not registered with the dental branch of the MOK, that means they cannot practice in Hungary, so make sure they are a member.    


What To Look For In A Clinic?

Make sure the credit you go to is accredited by the MOK as being safe and in the hands of a reliable dentist. You should be able to see pictures or videos of the clinic, or at the very least see the accreditation itself. These can be provided by the ÁNTSZ, the health regulatory services in Hungary, but the MOK (basically the Hungarian GDC, the governing body of dentists) only gives certificates to clinics who have passed this examination already. so just ask to see the clinics accreditation, and pictures if possible. Usually one dentist will only work at one clinic in a given city, but if you are given several options through a company or travel agency, go with the one where a dentist who is sympathetic to you works. Other than that, it is just a question of proximity to your accommodations!


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