A revolutionary new concept in the world of medical tourism is unfolding, and it has applications for dentistry as well as pretty much every other facet and type of medical travel. The company behind it is called Fly2Cosmetic, and their idea has the potential to completely turn the industry on its head, making current infrastructure and agencies completely obsolete. They are quite far from achieving this, and I am not sure that this is their aim either, and I am also skeptical regarding whether or not this change will happen because of them. But the potential is there, and this makes them worth mentioning in and of itself. So what are they all about?


Business model

Fly2Cosmetic is simplifying, and as such, in certain respects improving upon the industry as it stands. The idea is not to set up agencies and pay rent on costly office spaces that no one wants to be in anyway, but instead to take a much lighter approach. The idea is to make everything online, and to have hostesses selling the service as if it was insurance or any other service. They would be doing so by throwing parties at prominent peoples houses, and at these parties they would tell people about the nature of their services, where they can get you to for what price etc. Dentists and implantologists would be present through Skype, meaning no airfare, but a physical presence is still maintained, and would be patients would have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. The guests would then have the ability to book flights right then and there, or perhaps call the hostesses later and get an appointment.


Is it enough?

While from a business point of view, this is a spectacularly organized affair, and is pure genius in its simplicity, cost effectiveness and how much bang it delivers for such little price. The problem is that just a really effective business model does not translate into sales, and there are several holes in this business proposal, from the point of view of dentistry (it may be really effective at other, more cosmetic proposals). First of all, what about a consultation and a treatment plan? In order for you to be able to make the decision of going abroad or not, you need a basic price so that you can calculate. This cannot be set up without a treatment plan. In order to get one you need to go to a clinic, and that means chair time, which someone needs to pay for. The other problem is that dentistry is into the topic that you would ask information on Skype about with a bunch of your friends present. The parties would be awkward indeed. But if they find a way around these problems, they could indeed reform the market.

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Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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