Frequently Asked Questions About Our Budapest Clinic

I would like to book an appointment to go to Budapest. How does getting accommodations work?

An important part of managing a trip abroad is to handle accommodations, after all, where you sleep and dine is a very significant factor in how you perceive the overall trip to go. That is why Forest and Ray are dedicated to providing the best accommodations in Budapest for a reasonable price. This is just one more way we make sure you get the best possible experience while getting your dental treatment abroad.


Upon enquiry, we can send you a brochure with a list of our partners who provide accommodations for visiting patients. If you like any of our partners accommodations, we can book your stay with them. 

If you have some other accommodation that you have read or heard about that is not on our partner’s list, do not worry! As long as you specify which Hotel or accommodation it is, we will gladly get in touch with them and book an appointment for you. If you would like to book your accommodations for yourself, that is also no problem at all.

Where is the clinic located in Budapest?

Given the high standards set in London, Forest & Ray can only work with the best clinics in Budapest. This is why we only work with two clinics, both of them headed by dentists that we know, love, and work with on a regular basis in London. The two clinics we speak are both located in very easy to get to and also prestigious neighborhoods of Budapest.

The first, located in the very heart of the hustle and bustle of lively Budapest and headed by Dr Csillag, can be found at Nyugati railway station, under the address of Nyugati Tér 4. It is located in one of the stereotypical old houses of the inner city of Budapest, with a beautiful inner courtyard that is very typical of this district.
The other one is located in the leafy green of the Buda side of the city, in a modern architectural wonder called the Hattyúház, or the “swan house”. This building is home to many of the leading healthcare offices of Hungary, and a few shops and a café can also be found here. This clinic is headed by Dr Fürstner, a senior dental implantologist and long standing colleague of Forest & Ray.

To get to know more about the clinics, their equipment, assistants or any other topic at all, get in touch with our friendly customer care staff and they will be more than happy to help you out!    

What are some of the things to do while in Budapest?bp

As dental treatments usually are timed such that a brief stabilizing period is necessary, a patient may find himself stuck in  foreign city with nothing to do for three or four days. Not to worry, as Hungary’s capital is a great city to be stuck in. Allow me to elaborate.

Hungary is a city over one millenium old, that has gone through the thick of Europe’s turbulent history. That leaves many many museums, buildings and monuments to be seen, as well as some of the most unique and beautiful architecture in the world. Budapest also is the cultural capital of Hungary, and has a teeming and very famous nightlife as well. Some of the best clubs and pubs are located in this city, and are open early until the break of dawn. Also notable is the wonderful food that can be gotten in Budapest. Hungary is a little known gastronomic treasure of the world, and Hungarian food is many faceted and delicious. But Budapest is also a metropolitan city, so the cuisine of many different nations can be found here as well. There are seasonal things to do in the city as well, as Budapest is surrounded by beautiful nature, and is a very green city, in that it has large and numerous parks. Budapest has also been called the city of spas, and is located on one of the largest naturally hot thermal spring junctions in the world. The spa capabilities have been exploited since the Roman days, and some of the baths are quite ancient as well.

As you can see there is quite a lot to do here, and something interesting can be found for the entire family. If you are looking for more things to do, or for more detail, check here and here and here and here.... (ide írjá be pestes linkeket, de rögvest).

How long do I have to stay in Budapest if I get a Dental implant?

After receiving dental implant surgery, you will be labeled as “no fly” for 72 hours. This means that you cannot board an airplane, and all manner of strenuous physical activity, including jogging, zumba, fitness, etc is also forbidden. This is a time when the tissue around the dental implant still has not grown over the implant, which it senses as a foreign object. The sutures have simply not been in place long enough for the implant to be stable, and the pressure of air travel may make the implant shift imperceptibly, just a fraction of a centimeter, and this will ruin the entire procedure. Also, our doctors like to have a check up in 72 hours to make sure that the healing process has started and that everything seems to be working normally.

Can I combine a London and a Budapest treatment? How does that work?  

bp-ldOf course you can! Any treatment that has more than one step to it, like dental implants, oral surgery, root canals, etc, can be started in Budapest and finished in London, or vice versa. Seeing as all of our dentists who work in Budapest travel to London on a regular basis, any treatment with any of our dentists can be scheduled in a way as to have the location fit the needs of the patient.


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