Getting An Infection Abroad

One of the fears of patients travelling abroad is contracting some sort of disease while abroad, either from unsanitary conditions in the dental office, or from a bacterium that the patient does not have a built in tolerance for. Both of these cases are extremely rare.

Getting An Infection


The truth is that most of the time infections are not caused by any of the two most feared scenarios. Usually, it is simply a case of the patient neglecting their instructions wholeheartedly, and thus causing themselves undue pain and infections. Eating dairy, sugary foods and other stuff is forbidden for a good reason, namely, because it leads to infections. Also, if the doctor says take your antibiotics, you should take them. If the doctor says do not remove the bloodclot, you shouldn’t. Follow the instructions to the letter, and more likely than not, you will not have any sort of infections.

That being said, you may be that rare patient who does indeed follow instructions and still gets an infection. This can be because of a preexisting condition, or just a result of a weaker or overly taxed immune system. It may be the case that you had a tiny infection somewhere in the throat or mouth, and when the bacteria were given a chance to reign, they do so. These sorts of infections are usually not a result of medical neglect, but simply a lurking infection that does not make itself apparent until after a procedure has been done.

But sometimes it will be a completely obvious infection that was just not dealt with, and thus you get an infection. In these cases, it is recommended that you either seek a refund, or legal action, as you are now officially dealing with a case of medical malpractice.


The fear that many people feel is of course related to the fact that they cannot get back to the dentist in question and hold them responsible for what they have done. This is of course a myth. No sensible person would go to a dentist who cannot be held responsible for the work they do. This is why you should book your trip with a certified travel agency who are well monitored and are willing to put a contract in front of you that you can sign that protects your rights. Most places that seriously deal with this branch of tourism are more than willing to do so.

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