Getting BioHorizon Implants Abroad

When traveling abroad for dental implants, there are a number of things to consider. We have already talked about what sort of qualifications a dentist and a clinic can have, what sort of accommodations and in what cities it is worth it to travel to, and a host of other things.


But perhaps one of the most important issues to consider is what sort of dental implants one should consider getting.  It may be the case that the country you are going to does not have a very wide variety of dental implants available, but there are some that are used in every country.

Nobel Industries

One of the godfathers of dental implantology is the bioengineering giant Nobel Industries. They are extremely reliable, have sold millions of implants, and have many different types of dental implants available to replace any tooth in any jaw. As they are the world’s leading dental implant manufacturer, their products are available in pretty much any country that you may be traveling to, and the overwhelming majority of implantologists work with tools that are compatible with the many implant systems that are owned by Nobel industries. This combination of availability, high quality, affordable price, and incredible reliability make the Nobel industries owned dental implants an ideal choice for implantation abroad.

The BioHorizon Dental Implant

The most trusted dental implant system developed by Nobel industries is the BioHorizon. It is available in almost every dental implantology clinic, in almost every country where dental implantology is performed. This implant system has many different kinds of dental implants, to replace nearly any tooth that may be missing, and they come in many different diameters and shapes as well, and they come in instant and arrow varieties as well.
 dental implant systems feature the unique TiUnite dental implant surface, which is perhaps their most interesting feature. This is a porous, negatively charged dental implant surface that aids in hemostasis, and provides for quick osseointegration.


Due to their high availability, incredible popularity, high rates of stability and quick stabilization, they are a safe and reliable dental implant. These two qualities, reliability and wide availability, make it the perfect dental implant for patients who are travelling abroad. Ask for this dental implant from the clinic where you are traveling to, and seeing as most dental equipment merchants carry this line of Noble Industries dental implants, the clinic should be able to procure these implants with ease, if they do not already carry them.  


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