Getting Dental Prostheses Abroad

Although you can hear a lot about patients getting dental implants, oral surgery, or serious reconstructive dental procedures in a foreign country to save money, you rarely hear about patients visiting foreign countries for dental prostheses. The only thing that is frequently mentioned is getting several crowns, or a longer bridge made, but what about less complicated or extensive procedures? Is it worth it to visit a foreign country to get a denture, or a partial denture? What about just one crown? I am in this article to speak a little about dental prostheses, and how you can save money by getting some of them made abroad.

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The Cost Of Prostheses

The cost of crowns, bridges and dentures is extremely high in the UK, as it is priced along with all other dental procedures. Therefore, getting crowns, the basic unit of dental prostheses, is going to be cheaper. Cheaper crowns mean cheaper prostheses, as dentures and bridges are made out of crowns as well. So the prostheses themselves are going to be cheaper, and the dentist is going to have less of a fee for his or her work, meaning the procedure itself is going to be cheaper. How significantly cheaper depends on the price set by the dentist. Always make sure you get a quote, or even better, a treatment plan from the dentist who will be seeing you, that way you can compare it to the price of a treatment at your local dentist’s office.

Calculating Prices

Once you know the price of prostheses, it should be easy to calculate whether or not it is worth it for you to go and get your crowns done abroad. First, compare your two quotes, the difference between them should be calculated (subtract the smaller sum from the larger one). This number will be the amount of money that you will have saved from travelling abroad. Next up, see how much the airfare would cost you, and how much it would cost you to stay at an accommodation of your choosing in the host country. If this number is larger than the difference of your treatment, then it is not worth it. If the difference is larger than the price of airfare and accommodations, then it is worth it, and you will be saving money by travelling abroad.
Don’t forget that you will be on holiday during your leave, so even if the calculation is not exactly worth it, ask yourself if the amount of extra money you would be spending is worth a holiday in the given country you are staying in. Like this, you may come to realize that not only did you get a nice vacation, but a great deal on your dental prostheses as well!   


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