How To Prevent Dental Caries

More than 90% of adults have or will develop dental caries within their lifetime. This does not mean that dental caries or tooth decay is unpreventable or inevitable at all; the best way to prevent it is with proper nutrition. This means eating certain foods in order to replenish the nutrients that may have been dissolved or used up by your body, and not eating certain foods that are bad for your teeth.

D Vitamin

What to eat to prevent dental caries

D vitamins and essential oils and fatty acids make sure that you can fight off bacteria, and they lubricate your mouth so that your immune system has an easier time fighting off bacteria. Fluoride is also extremely important as is calcium and magnesium; these are the three most important building blocks of tooth enamel. Beans, leafy greens and dairy products all have plenty of these three important nutrients, so eating these will make sure that you replenish your tooth enamel and thus fight off dental carries. Tea tree oil, peppermint, and galangal root are all very effective at killing oral bacteria as well, and are a good way to disinfect the mouth and tongue.

What not to eat

Everybody knows that sugar feeds the bacteria that cause dental caries, so candy is usually avoided, but by far the worst for your teeth are soft drinks and soda pop. Aside from having ridiculous amounts of sugar in them, they are also usually carbonated, which makes them acidic and full of sugar, the worst possible combination for your teeth, and the best for developing dental caries. People don’t usually know how bad these drinks are, and their caffeine content makes them pretty addictive as well.

At home oral routine to prevent tooth decay

But the most important factor in preventing dental caries from forming is your at home oral care routine. You should brush three times a day, with an added extra importance on your last brushing session, before you go to bed. Aside from this you should also use dental floss to clean the gaps between your teeth, thus removing food detritus and bacterial colonies from a place that is too often the cause of tooth decay. Going to the dentist every six months for a half year check-up is also essential in making sure you do not develop dental caries.  

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