Magical Christmas Trams!

Every year the good people over at the BKK (the transportation authority of Budapest) decorate some of their trams in Christmas lights, making a beautifully lit tram that light up the tramways in these dark Budapest winters. These trams are completely covered in Christmas lights on the outside to wrap the tram in light.


Which trams?

The 2 tram, which goes along the Danube corso on the Pest side is the one that is decorated, as this goes a long way around the city, and is incredibly visible. It also touches on all of the traditional Budapest Christmas places, like the Vörösmarty square, The Margaret bridge, and many other Christmassy locations. Most of the tourist destinations also intersect the 2 tram, so this tram is naturally the best choice for decorating.
These trams will be starting on the 19th of December, and there will be 3 days when they will be running, as the 17th and the 21st has been added to the list. Don’t miss out!
What: Specially decorated trams strewn with Christmas lights!
When: 17, 19 and 21 of December.
Where: Along the 2, 4 and 47 tram lines. 

Image: 1.

Price: Free

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The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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