Margit sziget

The Margaret island is the perfect pace to relax in Budapest when the weather is nice. Budapest is blessed with 4 seasons, and all 4 of them have their unique atmosphere and their own benefits and short comings. 3 of those 4 seasons are best enjoyed on Margit Sziget, or the Margaret Island. This is a small island in the north and centre of Budapest on the Danube, between the Margaret and Árpád bridges, accessible form both on foot.

Margaret Island

A short history of Margaret Island

Margaret island is named after st. Margaret of Hungary. This lady took up the vows and entered the Island to die a virgin there. Rumour has it that she never bathed above the foot and was revered as a chaste and virginal saint who was granted sainthood directly after her death. This island was also called the isalnd of rabbits, because there was a proiferation of the hoppity creatures here once, and was home to several monasteries during the middle ages. It was an important place for the Ottoman turks as well, and they held several importnat feasts on this land. It has been a public park ever since the Margaret island was built, and os a favoured picnic place and outdoor sports establishment as well.

What Margaret island has to offer:

  • Jogging: There is a really nice jogging path that goes all around the island. The path is made from a rubbery substance and is quite comfortable and safe to run on.
  • Sports: There are several squash courts tennis courts, free ping pong and table tennis tables, outdoor gyms where you can work out, and an indoor one as well.
  • Pool: There are several indoor pools on the island, and one is used for swim meets on a regular basis.
  • Massage: The sports hotel has a massage parlour that is legendary and several types of massage can be found there.
  • Restaurants, pubs and clubs: The island has considerable nightlife, with two large clubs right next to each other, one of them belonging to the ELTE university. There are several places to eat and there are countless fast food stalls as well as several pubs and drinking stalls.
  • Theater: There is an outdoor theater on the island that is open from May until October. They put on some of the best shows in Budapest,a dn are one of the best places to visit when the weather is warm.
  • Bringóhintó: There are a lot of cycle ways on the island, and it is a paradise for cyclists. One of the most favoured activities is to rent a bringóhintó, a 4 seater car that is foot powered. You can rent these at any point on the island, they are lots of fun and highly recommended!
  • Petting zoo: There is a zoo on the island which has a lot of animals from Hungary mostly, but birds of every sort can be found here, as well as ponies and deer as well.

Whatever you are into, if hanging out on one of the greenest points of the city in the shade of some trees and the breeze blowing off the Danube sounds good, then this is the place for you. Perfect place to recover and rejuvenate after surgery, as the fresh air and calming surroundings will help you feel better.

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