Office Workers At Higher Risk Of Developing Caries

Wrigley’s, usually known for their spearmint gum, have recently released a survey in the UK, in which they asked questions relating to dental hygiene and to eating habits, which found that the average office worker is at greater risk for developing caries and for developing dental issues than anyone else. The reasons are dietary and lifestyle related, as all ills of the white collar worker are.


Lifestyle Issues

People who work in an office setting tend to drink more coffee, as it is a part of office culture, and thus they are immediately at a higher risk of developing caries. Folks who drink alcohol more than three times a week, which is a whopping 51% according to the survey,are considered at risk automatically, and seeing as most office workers tend to drink wine or long drinks when drinking, (especially ladies), office workers can be considered to be especially at risk. The reason is that long drinks and wine have extra sugars along with alcohol, and these sugars will break down your enamel. The alcohol is not bad for your teeth per say, but it does have the effect of drying out your mouth, which leaves your teeth more vulnerable to attack. The two together are simply not good for your teeth.

The other problem is the ubiquitous neglect of proper oral hygiene. Since they need to get to work on time, and sleeping is also a priority, many times office workers do not brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes per session. This also adds to the risk of developing caries.

Dietary Issues

Many office workers complain of not eating properly, and of buying pre-packaged and fast foods, or of just snacking to make it home where they have a regular meal. These foods, as well as the practice of sporadicaly eating, are super bad for your teeth. Eating sporadically and snacking does not give enough time for the already dry and empty mouth to stabilize its pH levels, the result is that foods that have acids in them can really burn the enamel, and in general, having your pH out of  balance causes caries.

All of these issues added up can easily explain why people who work in an office setting are more at risk. The solution? Get up earlier and do not neglect to brush your teeth, and also, make sure you sit down and eat a full meal, your body will be much happier than if you just snack!


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