Oral Surgery Abroad

 The statistics relevant for medical tourism are in, and dentistry is still the number one reason people travel abroad, and Hungary is still the number one country that people tend to visit for medical tourism! This is great news as economic hardship has hit Hungary fairly hard, with many jobs becoming lost and pensions and benefits receiving major cuts from corrupt, overpaid politicians as well, so at least this industry is keeping our spirits high!

dental surgery abroad

Dental surgery

The number one dental procedure (dental surgery) that people engage in when they travel abroad is still dental implants, followed by cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers, whitening, crowns and bridges and other similar procedures. People also made the trip over from Britain, Australia and even the USA to get root canal treatments and other general dental procedures as well, but much more frequent was the use of oral surgical procedures.

Dental surgery is up and coming in that respect, which is strange, as it is incredibly expensive in the West, and the same schools that give qualifications for general dentists also give them for oral surgeons as well, so you would figure it would have been one of the top reasons people travel abroad for medical treatment to begin with. It seems that this is just catching on, and that is good news.

Getting It Abroad

Getting oral surgery abroad is no more difficult than getting dental implants,a dn the procedures can be said to be about the same. The only difference is potentially the healing times, if you have all four wisdom teeth out at once, for instance, you will need some rest, and they make you a no fly (meaning you cannot enter an aeroplane and fly with it), for a week instead of the standard 72 hours, as with a dental implant. But otherwise, the procedure, healing times and everything else should be the same as with dental implantation.

oral surgery abroad
Dental surgery


Traveling abroad for dental surgery may only be warranted in particularly severe cases, as oral surgical procedures are not among the cheapest overall, as usually only the anesthetic needs to be paid for, and the doctor’s time, and of course antibiotics for the after care. So the amount of money you save travelling for oral surgery will only be worth it if you get quite a bit of oral surgery done, but the aforementioned several wisdom teeth extractions, as well as periodontal treatments will definitely make it worth it to travel abroad for oral surgery.  


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