Patients Beyond Borders

More and more organizations are springing up around the globe that cater to the rising demand for medical travel. Some of them approach this need from the angle of a travel agency, others seem to think that they can work essentially like an overseas patient organizers, but very few of them approach this issue from the point of view of medical professionals. This is a niche that is quite extensive, and only a few companies and groups are even making attempts at filling it, while most who are in the field of medical travel do not touch the subject at all, having enough patients to get by. But a truly patient-centric approach presupposes this kind of approach. One of the longest running, most trusted and most successful companies that do run this kind of operation is Patients Beyond Borders.


What is it?

Having dubbed themselves the “most trusted resource in medical travel”, this company is actually kind of a jack of all trades. They provide reviews and tips, and help patients plan trips, all of it done online through blogs and their website*. But this is only the primary face of the company, and is not at all close to summarizing what it does. They also help book appointments,communicate with doctors, and can understand, help organize your trip, and give advice, not just some random patient to patient advice, but sound,medical advice from medical professionals.

How does it work?

You go to their website and read reviews, check out destinations and in general have the opportunity to peruse thousands of pages worth of collected data that is systematically fact checked periodically. This should be enough to help you choose the right destination and doctor, but if more help is needed, you can contact them and they can make arrangements for you. However, this is not their primary profile.

Primarily the are a group of patients who are trying to help other patients find the right medical establishment and treatment for them, and also have a strong presence in the medical tourism world.

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