Practical Considerations When Traveling To Budapest

Budapest is the most popular destination for dental tourism in Europe, and is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Chances are, if you are thinking of getting dental treatment abroad, you will be considering Budapest, and it is more than likely that you will end up visiting the City Of Bridges at one point or another. Here are some practical things to consider when you are here.


1) Taxi cabs:

Only travel the yellow ones, or the ones with an official license, not just some piece of paper, but clearly visible advertising on the outside of the car. Since the standardization of all cab fare, sharks have proliferated heavily, and there are now more illegal and super expensive cars available for hire. Make sure you get in a yellow cab, that is safest.


2) Towels:

Regardless of how nice your accommodations are, you should probably bring your own towels and your own toothbrush-this is just a rule of thumb. Although most places will have sterilized towels and all, it is better to be on the safe side and make sure that you bring your own, that way you cannot be surprised by a malfunction or a mistake.

3) Outlets:

Hungary, like all of inland Europe runs on 230 volts. Make sure all of your plugs can be easily converted into 230 volts, and make sure that your appliance are compatible with it, otherwise don’t bother to bring them. If you have 110 volt appliances, you will have to buy a converter, which is like a mini generator of sorts.

4) Cars:

In Budapest, the traffic is usually terrible, its just how we live. The public transport is cheap, reliable, and goes into every segment of the city imaginable. Although this more than 2 million strong metropolis has only 3 metro lines, there are buses and trams that go absolutely everywhere, and the tickets cost roughly 1 euro, so no big deal.

5) Money:

In Hungary we use the forint, and most places will NOT accept Euros. We are a part of the European Union, but we do not have the same rights, and as such, we do not have the same currency as the other, more prominent members. Make sure you exchange money, and make sure you do it not at the airport, but in the city, as the airport has terrible rates.


6) Leisure:

After a dental treatment, you will have at least 72 hours before you can get back on the plane and go home. This gives you a few days to enjoy Budapest, and enjoy you should! There are plenty of art related things, museums, galleries, etc, and of course, we are famous for our movie theaters, but most movies are dubbed, so make sure you find one that is subbed unless you want to see a movie in Hungarian!

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