Protect the health of your teeth

Your diet is a very important part of the health of your teeth, both because the foods you eat dissolve certain minerals, and because the foods you eat give you the minerals you need to rebuild your enamel, and if there is a lack of these minerals, then you will start to experience the deterioration of your oral health specially the health of your teeth. Below we will give a list of foods that are most destructive to the health of your teeth, and ones that are not very well known, and are thus frequently able to cause oral health problems.

Health of your teeth and coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are good for your teeth in some ways: they cause increased blood flow to the gums. But most of us drink tea and coffee with a healthy dollop of sugar, which is bad for the health of your teeth. Aside from this, the acidic nature of these drinks, and the fact that they dry out the mucous membranes creates an unhealthy oral environment in which the teeth and gums are more vulnerable to attack from bacteria. The tannins and other substances in these drinks also tends to accumulate on the tooth surfaces as plaque and stains, which harbour bacterial life. So, tea or coffee is perhaps good for the soul, but pretty harmful for your oral health!

health of your teeth

Soft drinks and health of your teeth

By far the worst thing for your teeth are soft drinks. They are inconspicuous, because it is just a liquid, and not a food, and leaves no detritus. But these drinks contain the highest levels of sugar in pretty much any regularly eaten food or drink. This means that they feed bacteria. Hard. And aside from this, they also are carbonated and acidic, meaning they do a real number on your tooth enamel, ruining your teeth and whittling them down to stubs. So, soft drinks are definitely BAD for the health of your teeth!

Acidic foods and oral health

Citric acids and other acids frequently found in fruits and vegetables dissolve the enamel of the teeth, and are quite harmful to your oral health. The also lower the pH of your oral cavity, creating a hostile environment, in which the teeth suffer greatly. Citrus fruits are one such food that is frequently eaten, but other foods, like tomatoes, chillies and apples also have high acid contents and influence the health of your teeth. After eating some of these otherwise super healthy and delicious foods, it is best to rinse your mouth out, thereby restoring your mouths pH levels to normal, defending the health of your teeth. It is also important to not brush your teeth for at least half an hour after eating these foods, otherwise you will remove some of your tooth enamel during brushing. 
To sum up, acidic foods could be healthy, but NOT really GOOD for your oral health!


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