Reasons For Braces

Each orthodontic problem that can be solved with braces has an aesthetic and a medical component. Usually, the two things go hand in hand, and once the aesthetic problem is fixed, the medical benefits will become apparent as well. Below, we wish to give a list of the different kinds of orthodontic malocclusions that exist and what kinds of health benefits correcting them will bestow.

orthodontic changes


Crowding means that more than one tooth is in the position of one tooth, meaning that the teeth overlap and push each other. This is a problem for numerous reasons: aside from the teeth harming each other and looking unsightly, the probability of tooth decay grows manifold. This is because you cannot clean the tooth gaps effectively, as there is now a tooth in front of it, making it very likely that food detritus will get caught in the gaps, and blocking the area, so you cannot clean it. This is a very common orthodontic problem that is frequently caused by wisdom teeth growing in at an angle and pushing teeth together. Sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to fix this problem.

Large tooth gaps

Aside from looking goofy, there are some health effects to having big spaces between your teeth. Your gums are much more easily exposed, and is thus more likely to have problems, and food is more likely to stick to strange angles of your teeth. These parts of your teeth may be less adapted to bacterial attack, and thus may have a problem fighting off the bacteria it comes into contact with. Tartar and plaque accumulation is also a bigger problem with these teeth, very frequently on the tooth surfaces that are not readily visible when you smile.


Protrusions are thought of as one of those problems that is purely aesthetic in nature. This is wrong for several reasons. Although the teeth are not necessarily crowded, having protrusions puts your teeth and gums at risk, because it requires your mouth to be open most of the time, and this will dry out the mouth, making the gums and teeth less resistant to bacterial life. The teeth that are out I the open are much more likely to be decayed, and this sort of alignment may also damage the mouth.


Open bite

When the bite is open, that means there are gaps in the teeth when you bite down. This condition causes unnecessary amounts of wear on the teeth and damages them, and can also harm your TMJ, which can have devastating effects in the long run.

Cross bite

A cross bite is the malocclusion of the bite in which certain teeth are outside of the place they are supposed to be when you bite, so when the incisors overlap the molars, for example. This condition is a problem because it causes damage and the eventual decay of the molars, which are very hard to keep clean and care for properly to begin with.

Under bite/ over bite

One of the rarest orthodontic malocclusions is the under bite, while over bites are extremely common. Under bite, also called Pitbull grin, is when the lower jaw protrudes a bit and is further rout then the upper jaw. Over bite is the same thing but reversed, when the front teeth protrude a lot. This is a problem because the TMJ will be unnecessarily stressed all the time, and it will cause the teeth that are more exposed to decay faster.


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