Regulation Of Cosmetic Surgeries Abroad

A  main topic of interest in the medical tourism world is regulations across countries. Some products are legal some places and illegal in others, and some regulations are much more lax in certain countries. Aside from this, there is the question of aesthetics; what happens if it does not look good? Certain cosmetic dental procedures like veneers are non reversible, and may require quite a bit of dental work before they are complete. The problem of course is one of safety.

Cosmetic surgery


The way to get around these problems is to pick a reliable dentist. See what kind of options you have, and see if the doctor can be held responsible for his/her work. Since we are talking about aesthetic procedures, the outcome can be judged good or bad depending on what sort of outcome the patient had in mind. For instance, there is no scientific or medical way to determine if your veneers are too white or not, that is a matter of perception. The only way to make sure that the dentist who has done this work can correct the aesthetic problems that may be given is that you can contact the dentist or the agency responsible, and that you have some sort of guarantee.

Make sure you enter into a contract with the dentist before he does any dental work. Read the contract carefully, and make sure you know and understand the details, do not be afraid to ask for help if anything is unclear! Remember the person who drafted the contract may not use english as a first language, and some medical or legal terminology may also be unclear to you.

Make sure that your dentist understands what you want perfectly. If it is unclear to you that the dentist understands what you are saying, do not go into the procedure, especially if it is something that is irreversible, like dental veneers or crowns.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

As always, the idea is to find a dentist that has indemnity insurance and who is responsible for the work he or she performs. If the dentist has no accreditation, do not get work done by them, as they are not responsible for the work they perform. If you are covered by insurance, all damages have to be paid for, and fixed by the offending party, or a party of your choice. It is important that all of these bases are covered before you enter into a legally binding contract, and without such a contract, it is not advisable to get dental work done at all.  

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