Rejuvenate Your Face With Tooth Replacement

One way you can really roll back the clock on your appearance is to get any teeth you have missing replaced. Many people do not think about how this affects the face, and seem to think that missing teeth are only a problem if they are front teeth, because otherwise they are not visible, but this notion is not true. When you have missing teeth, the face gets a sunken, sagging look, which is associated with old age and aging in general. This aspect of your face can be easily remedied by getting some dental implants.

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How dental implants can rejuvenate your face

Dental implants can rejuvenate your face by filling up the area that is sagging, and giving your face a fuller, more youthful look. Replacing teeth will in this way will revitalise you in more way than one. First, the most obvious, is that when you smile, all of your teeth will be present. Having missing teeth is also associated with old age, and will make you look older. Besides this, the missing tooth does not push the cheeks out, and thus the muscles in the face lax in that part and start to have that sunken look. A dental implant will replace the space there, strengthening the muscles of the face, and making your face look younger.


Just a crown

Other tooth replacement methods will also have this beautifying effect as well, as once the crown is in place and the gap is filled, the facial muscles will react accordingly. So just a crown is plenty enough to bring your smile back to its original and younger self. But without a dental implant, the problem is that the condition of tooth loss will continue. Although the facial muscles will be activated again, the alveolus- that ridge of soft bone material that is underneath the gum line and holds the tooth roots firmly- will start to disintegrate, which means more teeth will become mobile, come loose or fall out entirely. This is why we recommend getting dental implants, so that you can make sure that the smile you have stays the way it is for a while yet.      

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