Replacing Front Teeth

There are many different kinds of dental crowns and bridges, mostly differentiated by how they are stabilised in the mouth, and what materials they are made out of. For the teeth that are in your ’smile zone’ - your front six teeth, that are visible when you smile - getting aesthetic dental crowns are probably the best option, as these are the teeth that are going to flash out when you smile or laugh, and they need to be natural looking. This will not only give a dazzling first impression (and we all know how extremely important those are), it will also give you confidence and a demeanour that will help you to conquer any situation.

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The smile zone

The front six teeth on both rows are considered the smile zone, and bear a very important place in cosmetic dentistry. These are the teeth that are essential when thinking about aesthetic procedures like tooth replacement, whitening sessions, and so on. These 12 teeth constitute the absolute minimum intervention when trying to beautify someone’s smile. If you ask a dentist, they will always recommend getting aesthetic dental crowns on these teeth, as they are visible when you smile or laugh, and need to look clean and white, otherwise the entire smile may appear broken, faded or in bad condition. This is why aesthetic dental crowns for the front teeth are often used.

Aesthetic dental crowns

The problem with traditional dental crowns is that, when a light is shone directly on them, their metallic internal structure becomes visible. This looks like black lines on the teeth, and the porcelain does not cover them up. Aesthetic dental crowns that are either all porcelain or zirconium oxide will have a different effect: they look like and behave like real teeth in the sense that they play with the light and are semi-translucent, catching the light just enough to give a natural appearance. These false teeth look exactly like natural, healthy teeth, and as such are a perfect replacement for the teeth in the smile zone.


About dental crowns in general

While traditional dental crowns may be a great and economically much better placed decision to replace molars and back teeth, the front teeth also serve a social function. Both dental crowns have similar shelf lives and are just as durable and good, as their outer layer in all cases is tooth coloured porcelain that is then fused to an internal structure of your choosing. All of our dental crowns are hypoallergenic and should not cause allergic reactions at all. So when choosing, the only aspect you need to worry about is price and appearance, and if you are choosing for one or more of your front six on either row, we strongly recommend getting either fully porcelain, or zirconium dental crowns!   

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