Shirking Responsibility

In recent news, it has come to my attention that many people try to seek dental treatment abroad because of a hope for laxer regulations. This is an incredibly disturbing piece of news, and for a good number of reasons. Besides being extremely irresponsible, it also can put the dentist who you are seeing in jeopardy of losing their praxis. Let’s see how and why, by using the most common reason to travel abroad, the use of dental implants as the lens of our vision.


Why The Regulations Exist

Why do regulations exist in the first place? Because they are there to protect the patient first and foremost. Regulations are placed on who can receive and not receive dental implants because the reception of said dental implants may be harmful for the patient. If, for instance, you have missing teeth, and have diabetes, and are refused treatment in Britain, and then go on to a foreign country and say that it is okay for you to get dental implants and lie about your medical record, you may be doing yourself serious damage. The dentist may not be able to check your medical records, may not have the time or ability to do so, and the reason for your being unable to receive dental implants may not be apparent until well after the procedure has been started. After this, many unscrupulous patients will go and sue a foreign doctor for malpractice, even though they know they are the ones at fault.



A good, honest doctor may thus lose the ability to perform medical procedures in their own practice, and may even become financially ruined. If you sue for reparations, you will probably be doing that from your own country, where court fees, legal fees and pretty much everything will be more expensive than in the host country where the dentist holds practice (this is the reason for medical tourism, after all, to get cheaper medical procedures at the same quality as at home), and this may leave the doctor with a bill that he cannot pay. This is why it is so incredibly important to not shirk your responsibility, and tell everything to your new dentist, so that they may be able to give you the best care available. And even if you are an honest person and would not sue someone for mistakes that you have made, it is still well possible that you will hurt yourself irrevocably, and will have to pay a ton of money just to repair the damage you have caused yourself.   



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