Skiing In Hungary

Hungary is surrounded by countries that have become ski paradises in their own rights; the Austrian Alps have become known as cheaper and almost as good for skiing as the Swiss Alps, and Slovakia has long been a budget destination for skiers and snowboarders as well. It should come as no surprise then that Hungary’s skiing treasures and slopes adequate for winter sports have become oft overlooked, or overshadowed. But this does not mean that there are no places to go skiing in Hungary. Below are listed three destinations that are sure not to disappoint.



Hungary is a very flat country, and it should thus come as no surprise that the highest mountain in Hungary, the Mátra is a meagre 1014 meters above sea level. The topmost summit is called the Kékes, and is the home of a wonderful ski resort. There are many different kinds of slopes, some man made, some natural, in all different difficulties. If there is no snow, the ski slopes are covered in artificial snow. The mountain itself is nothing short of an ecological wonder, with complete ecosystems in little crags and on certain faces of the mountain. The prices are very nice as well with the cheapest ticket being just over 10 Euros for the entire day, and many children, elderly and plenty other discounts are available as well.



Also located in the Mátra, but a bit further down is the town of Mátraszentiván, which transformed itself to mimic the much more successful Austrian neighbours. The result is a quaint little collection of ski slopes meant to imitate the real deal, and somehow managing to bring a life and atmosphere of its own into the mix. This slope is frequently home to events like festivals, gatherings of young people and of dances and folk events as well. This is a frequented party destination, and is much more fun and social than other ski slopes. Recommended primarily for youngsters and backpackers, but anyone who likes to have fun will find something out here. They even have a series of snow slides for children. Prices also start from around 10 Euros.


Eplény is a very interesting village indeed, and is a good example of a rural success story, something you do not hear about too much at all, especially not from Eastern Europe. Eplény is lucky to be in the Bakony, one of the biggest and most pristine woodland areas in Europe, on slopes that are perfect for skiing. They also made a giant bike arena as well, and have thus become a centre for sports based tourism.

These three are just some of the examples of winter sports in Hungary.

It is well worth looking into skiing in Hungary, as many places exist, and they are all deserving of a try.

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