Solutions To Peri-Implantitis

Peri-implantitis is a condition in which the dental implant, after being worn for decades, wears out the softer biological tissue that it is inserted into. Since the titanium is harder than any bone or gingival tissue, t will, through micro-movements, eventually wear the surrounding tissues out.

This is inevitable, as the pressure of biting and chewing will make the dental implant move about slightly, and this will eventually damage the surrounding tissues. This will lead to dental implant failure in the long run, as the dental implant will have bigger and bigger room to move about. There are several things that researchers and medical scientists are doing in order to combat this major downside of dental implants. Here are some of the avenues that are being pursued.

Dental implant surfaces

The main line of defence against peri-implantitis comes from the dental implant itself. The most obvious thing to do is to make a surface that bone tissue can grow into and grow through, and that is exactly what researchers have been doing. This is why etched and porous surfaces are now the rage, as these allow for easier osseointegration.

Shapes and tapers

One more way to try and keep the dental implant from moving about is to make sure that it fits perfectly into the space that it has. This is why newer and more interesting shapes exist. Different teeth have different functions, perform different tasks and as such need to be different shapes in order to function properly, and to deal with the pressure that is being put on them. Tapered dental implants are also an effort to keep the dental implant stable, as this way the pressure will be evenly distributed and the dental implant locked into the jawbone.

Regenerative gels and stem cells

Another avenue of research has to do with stem cells. Regenerative gels using stem cells will create an environment that is more resistant to the pressures of the dental implant, and will ensure faster healing times and a better result altogether. These gels can also help stabilise the dental implant by creating a healthier oral environment in which the dental implant can easily be stabilised.    

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