Stem Cell Therapy- The Fringes Of Medical Tourism

Stem cell is being unjustly and without thought villainized. The only thing that this results in is that this form of therapy, which is completely and utterly the next step in medical history, is being offered at fringe medical clinics and the procedures are not being funded enough. This presents a problem when trying to incorporate techniques for tooth restoration and cures for periodontal disease that involve stem cell therapies with treatment abroad.

Stem Cell

Stem Cells In Dentistry

Stem cells are cells that are unspecialized and can be stimulated to become any cell of any tissue in the human body. This has applications in any field of medicine, including, of course, dentistry. We are not quite at the point where we can grow human teeth out of stem cells, but we can repair broken tissue, help shorten treatment times, coat dental implants to make them immediately loadable, and a host of a bunch of other stuff. Of course, with the therpaies being fringe, there are some things to look out for.

How To Get Good Treatment          

The first thing you have to make sure is that you are getting treatment at a legally run clinic. No shady back home clinics, the home of an adventurous dentist, none of this stuff, only at a clinic that is supervised by a regulatory body (preferably an international one or one linked directly to the government of the host country that you are visiting), and is reputable. Once this is in order, check to see if the treatment that they are offering is approved or not. Many stem cell therapies are already past clinical trials, have been proven to be safe and are available in places where the use of stem cells does not constitute a crime. The treatment you may need may not be one of these though, in which case you should make sure that it has been recognized as safe. When going for a stem cell therapy that is not yet recognized but is in the process, make sure you sign a document of approval, and check to see the contents of such a document, make sure you have claims for damages you may incur.

As stem cell treatments are a thing of the future, perhaps the treatments will become less fringe and more widely accepted in the future, and this article will become obsolete. Until the coming of that glorious day, it is probably best to not seek out treatments that are too fringe, and stick with ones that have had wide clinical success in clinical trials.

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